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MFL Transmedia Roundup – 23

This week marks the end of the #MarchFamilyBookClub and to brighten things up the girls took the gratitude challenge.

March Family Book Club Chapters 36-38



Hello Again Everyone!

Welcome to the final installment of the March Family Book Club! My sisters and I have had a great time reading this book together and I hope that if any of you have been following along that you have enjoyed it too. I’ve prepared a small summary of the final chapters of the book just so everyone is all caught up.

 Rory wakes up in the hospital bed, feeling a little loopy from the pain medication but very much alive. As she starts to remember the events from the night before and the sacrifice Jo had made for her Stephen joins her, he was sent to the same hospital, and warns her that “they” are coming. “They” were two men, one from the American government and one from Her Majesty’s secret service. They question Stephen and Rory about the events to make sure that the Ripper is really gone. They also tell Rory that not only is it against the law but no-one will believe her if she tries to tell people about what happened, so it is really in her best interest not to tell anyone, and just like that they are gone. It suddenly all becomes too much for Rory and she starts crying so much that they decide to sedate her. But just before she falls under, Callum and Boo arrive to visit her and they tell her that the last terminus, the one she was holding as she was going to die, no longer works. Rory wakes up the next morning to find her mother and father have come to collect her and bring her back to Bristol. She is allowed to leave the hospital that night but she gets one more shot to look after the pain. While in a daze she also gets a visit from Jazza and Jerome who fill her in on what’s going on at Wexford. They tell her Charlotte is OK and she tells them that she will not be going back to school. That evening Rory and her parents show up to the school to grab a few items before they head off to Bristol. She goes up to her room alone, and after leaving a few presents for Jazza takes one last walk around. Mysteriously, she finds herself drawn to the bathroom. As she steps inside, she sees a ghost woman standing in the middle of the room. When the woman realizes that Rory can see her, she panics and starts crying. Rory reaches out to comfort her, but the moment Rory makes contact with the ghost woman there is a giant crack, a flash of light and the familiar smell. Just like that the woman is gone.

Wasn’t that something? Now, onto the final round of discussion for this year’s book club.

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MFL Transmedia Roundup – 22

This week Amy is not so sorry about her choice of words, Meg stress bakes AND guides the #Marchfamilybookclub!

We’d love to show you how much fun our actors had today…but that would be some serious spoilers 😜

March Family Book Club Chapters 30-35


Good evening everyone! Thank you very warmly for reading this book along with us. I know things are becoming increasingly busy for most of us with the school year in full gear now and work picking up. With this in mind, I assure you that this will be as brief as I can make it. To start, Beth has once again written a synopsis worthy of an A grade of the chapters.

The team decides that they need to sneak Rory out of the school dressed as a police officer to lure out the Ripper so that they can catch him. They leave one Terminus with Boo and Jo back at the school and Callum and Stephen take the other two with them. They discover that the place where the Ripper wants Rory to come to was the scene of a crime where a group of people were murdered. When they get to Stephen’s police car they look up the names of the victims and Rory identifies one ‘Alexander Newman; as the bald man who has been calling himself the Ripper. They track down one of the remaining officers who investigated the case in which Newman was murdered. He said that when they found his body he was clutching a walkman. This clicks for Stephen - the walkman had to be a terminus - Newman was once a Shade! The gang decides to enter into the station by two different routes to corner Newman. When they engage Newman, he reveals that he was indeed a part of the Shades and that he wants the three Terminus’ so that he no longer has to fear dying. In a final play for power, Newman doses Stephen with a lethal injection of insulin, and demands the there Terminus’ in exchange for the cure! Rory and Callum give up theirs and Newman demands the last one… which isn’t there. To save Stephen’s life, Rory offers to take him to it. On the way to Wexford Newman throws the first two Terminus diamonds into the Thames. Boo and Charlotte are still in the common room when Rory and Newman arrives. Newman hits Charlotte over the head and takes the Terminus, but to complete the ‘Ripper act’, he demands to kill Rory, threatening her with the lives of her friends and family if she refused. She takes him to the bathroom and he slices her stomach open. As she’s bleeding on the floor he gives Rory the Terminus, saying that the reason he became such a powerful ghost is because he was holding onto it when he died, and that she should do the same. Just then, Jo pushes herself through the door and grabs the Terminus and corners Newman, activating the device and sacrificing herself to destroy Newman forever.

See so much happened this week! Very exciting don’t you think? Now on to the questions.

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MFL Transmedia Roundup – 21

Amy “Falls” for Autumn, the girls host another #Marchfamilybookclub meeting and Jo #AsksAStupidQuestion!

March Family Book Club Chapters 26-30


Greetings, people in the know. It is once again my turn to conduct this week’s Book Club. I apologize for my sister’s attempts at cognasizing this work of literature but once again my illustrious insights will ruminate the day. Before we begin, however, Beth has prepared a summary of this week’s passage:

Stephen drops Rory back off at Wexford early the next morning. Of course, Jazza is awake and asks about Boo and what happened to Rory the night before. Boo is still alive but seriously injured, and of course Rory can’t tell her what really happened. On top of everything else, talk of the Ripper is everywhere, even on the school grounds. When she can’t take anymore of being in class, Jerome walks Rory back to the dorm and tells her about his alternate theory that the name of the star refers to the ‘Jack the Ripper’ name itself, since it’s a name the Star newspaper coined. Rory and Stephen, who has been following her everywhere to protect her, decide that they need to tell Jo about Boo and in the end it’s Jo who comforts Rory and reminds her that ghosts, no matter how powerful they may seem, are just people. Rory convinces Callum, to show her how they get rid of the ghosts so she can protect herself. They once again visit the underground and Callum shows her this device that they use called the Terminus; a crystal hooked up inside an old phone that makes the ghosts disappear if you are close enough and activate it. Callum then reveals that his near-death experience was caused by a ghost and he made sure to go back and get him as soon as he joined the force. The team gets ready for the next night when the Ripper will be out and looking for Rory, so Stephen gives her Boo’s Terminus just in case. The next morning, Rory goes to the library to try and get away from all of the craziness and Jerome shows up and they end up making out again… they like to do that. When the bell rings and breaks them apart, Jerome starts to bring up 

the Ripper again which is too soon for Rory and she angrily heads back up to her room and sees that Boo is back. They spend the night awake waiting for something to happen, when Rory gets a text from an unknown number… The Ripper. He sends another message telling Rory to meet him at the old unused King Williams street station or else he’ll start killing people. They look up the station and find an article about it being the site of a failed drug bust where six police officers were murdered. One of which… was the bald headed Ripper himself!

How riveting. Now, let us begin this book club properly with an inquisition from yours truly.

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MFL Transmedia Roundup – 20

This week Beth enjoys a hot drink, Amy makes a discovery in the ‪#‎Nameofthestar‬ and Jo runs the ‪#‎Marchfamilybookclub‬!

March Family Book Club Chapters 21-25


Welcome back everyone! We’re over halfway done this book and the club! In case you need a refresher, Beth wrote up another one of her amazing summaries.

Stephen drops Rory and Boo back at the school where Boo tells Rory about how she got the ability to see ghosts. Boo and her friend were in a car accident and when she woke up she saw Jo who helped save her life - they have been friends ever since. Understandably, Rory is pretty shaken up and not sure if she can handle everything she has learned. Not to mention all the schoolwork she has. Luckily Boo has an idea. They hit the library and find Alistair who, Rory finally realizes, is also a ghost. The girls strike a deal with him: write Rory’s essay in exchange for some of Alistair’s favourite music. The next morning, Jerome wants to know why Rory’s been acting so weird lately. Obviously she can’t tell him so she prods him for information about the Ripper. One thing leads to another and they end up making out again… until Boo interrupts them. She takes Rory back to the ghost police and convinces them to take her “Ghost Spotting” in the underground. They explain to her all the different ways ghosts can appear and that there are so many in London because the city is so old. She also learns that one good way to spot a ghost is by their clothing, because it never changes, which means the bald man in the large suit is not the original Ripper from the 19th century. A few nights later Boo and Rory and Jazza decide to dress up as the Zombie Spice Girls for the school’s Fancy Dress party. The party is fun until Rory sees the bald man standing behind Jazza who is unaware of his presence and tells her to meet him outside where he wants to talk to her. Boo, as always, is never far behind and pretends not to see the bald man and just as Boo gets within arms reach he grabs her and throws her into an oncoming car! Stephen shows up out of nowhere whisking a shaken-up Rory away questioning her about what happened that night. Stephen gets a page and turns on the news; someone had crashed a Ripper convention and written a message on a whiteboard. The public begins speculating that it was the real ripper. Stephen and Rory also hear that Boo is awake and appears to have some broken bones, but is at least alive. After Stephen tells Rory a little bit more about the “Shades”, or so they call themselves, she learns that that last sentence in the cryptic message left by the Ripper at the convention hall was about her!

Perfectly done Beth! Now for my incredibly thoughtful question!

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The WGA filed their final brief with the FCC in favor of Net Neutrality and against Paid Prioritization schemes.

And, um, they quote me in the first paragraph.

Wasn’t expecting that.

Hit the link above for the full filing.  

Make sure to see page 8 for spyscribe's submission.

My full statement is on page 10.

Here’s a bit I want to call out:

"But even more importantly, [The Lizzie Bennet Diaries] inspired legions of new creators to make their own shows – many of them filming on webcams in their bedrooms and delivering content to growing online audiences…. Removing open access to the Internet will stifle the launch of this entire next generation of creators. We cannot afford that.”

Every time I see a new show that mentions LBD as an inspiration, I am blown away. YOU GUYS are the future, and you’re worth standing up for.

Net neutrality is so important. This stuff matters.

(Also, Jay Bushman is super wonderful and articulate.)