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MFL Transmedia Roundup – 15

Meg goes for a run, Jo is a joker and Amy pledges to become a vegetarian? Geez, a lot happened this week so what are you waiting for? Catch up here!

We’re in the middle of casting some characters right now, so we thought we’d chat auditions in this hot-off-the-presses-if-presses-were-a-thing-that-could-make-videos production vlog!

MFL Transmedia Roundup – 14


Read on to find out what’s at the top of the annual March family summer book club list!

Casting Change Announcement

Dear MFL fans and viewers,

The world of production - no matter how big or small - is constantly changing and evolving.

With that in mind, we are saddened to announce that Jessica Gallant - who played Jo March in our pilot video - is unable to stay on board with us for when we go to full series. We had such an amazing time working with her on our pilot episode and wish her all the best in her future endeavours. We encourage you to keep up with Jessica and subscribe to her YouTube channel here:

But never fear, the casting process is underway and we know that our Jo is out there ready to join our happy March family. We can’t wait to introduce her along with the rest of the March family and friends to you in December!

MFL Transmedia Roundup - 13

This week Jo writes her protagonist into a corner and suggestions are taken for the annual March family summer book club!  Be sure to check back soon to find out what book the March sisters will be reading for their annual book club!

We’re back with a new format! A progress update and a discussion on Transmedia Rights. Let us know your thoughts on everything!

MFL Transmedia Roundup – 12

The Little Women talk Harry Potter, bands and celebrate Beth’s birthday!

MFL Transmedia Roundup – 11

This week the girls deal with the aftermath of Amy’s newest video, Bastille day, procrastination and a picnic!

In a continuation from our last vlog, we chat about what life is like on a production set. (Warning: Probably features random bad dancing.)

MFL Transmedia Roundup – 10

Lost track of what the girls have been up to lately?

In this Transmedia Roundup the Sisters celebrate Canada Day, take a trip to Night Vale and release a brand new video!!